Abeer Naqvi

Abeer Naqvi

Chief People Officer

Abeer Naqvi joins DISCUS from Washington Capital Partners, bringing with her 14 years of invaluable experience in Human Resources. Holding a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Maryland, Abeer is also a certified SHRM-SCP professional, demonstrating her commitment to excellence in the field.

In her previous role, Abeer was instrumental in shaping HR strategies and fostering a positive work culture at other organizations. Her expertise extends to various facets of HR management, including talent management, conflict resolution, recruitment, Diverisity, Equity and inclusion, employee engagement, and developing and implementing the compensation strategy.

Outside of the office, Abeer is an avid enthusiast of outdoor activities, a dedicated reader, and a passionate traveler. Her diverse interests not only enrich her personal life but also contribute to her holistic approach to problem-solving and team collaboration.

Something you should know about Abeer? She’s not just a seasoned HR professional; she’s also a fervent advocate for employee well-being. Abeer believes a happy and fulfilled workforce is the cornerstone of organizational success.