Craft Distiller Sustainability Taskforce

Environmental Sustainability Across the Spirits Industry

Sustainability is a growing facet of our sector, one where many of you are already displaying leadership and expertise. We invite you to join us to help continue to advance the industry towards a more sustainable future. This group was developed with the three-part mission to:

  1. Establish a forum for sharing best practices and thought leadership around sustainability in the spirits sector
  2. Take part in the development of industry-leading principles and guidance
  3. Encourage small producers to adopt and incorporate sustainable practices into their businesses

Through this taskforce, and its partnership with the DISCUS Sustainability Committee, craft distillers will have an amplified voice and influence on current and future sustainability initiatives. The taskforce will provide an opportunity to share resources and knowledge with peers and associates through various channels of programming and content.

Resources for Craft Distillers

See what the Sustainability Taskforce is all about – check out the presentaion from our kick off call.

Marble Distilling Co., Carbondale, Colorado is Combatting Climate Crisis and has released its first sustainability report outlining 2021 accomplishments and 2022 goals.  Marble Distilling’s CEO & Head Distiller, Connie Baker, states “We hope the information contained in this report will assist other distilleries in assessing their own sustainability initiatives.”

DISCUS Partners with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to Launch ENERGY STAR® Guide for Distilleries

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