Two-thirds of Texans Support Seven-Day Sales at Liquor Stores and Craft Distilleries

Texans overwhelmingly support modernizing the state’s alcohol laws to allow cocktails to-go, permit seven-day spirits sales and increase distillery sales, according to a statewide poll released today by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS). The poll of likely Texas voters conducted from April 23-26 found:

  • 65% of Texas voters support cocktails-to-go legislation
  • 65% support seven-day sales at liquor stores and craft distilleries
  • 65% support eliminating laws prohibiting craft distilleries from selling more than two bottles per month to an individual customer.
  • 61% support allowing seven-day sales to be decided at the local level via local option election

“The results of this survey confirm that Texans overwhelmingly support modernizing Texas alcohol laws to allow for greater freedom and choice among adult consumers and business owners alike,” said Chris Swonger, president and CEO of DISCUS.

Texas is one of only seven states that does not allow liquor stores to operate seven days a week, even though beer and wine can be sold in the state by licensed businesses any day of the week. Texas’ 160 craft distilleries are also required to abide by this law, even though Sundays are a popular day for tours of their facilities. HB 937, sponsored by Rep. Richard Raymond, seeks to remedy these outdated laws by giving licensed businesses the right to open on any day of the week they choose. Another avenue to fix the outdated prohibition on seven-day sales is a local option election Sen. Dawn Buckingham and Rep. Bucy have been working on legislation, SB 1013 and HB 2232, to give voters the chance to make their own choices about seven-day sales through local option elections.

Current law also prohibits craft distilleries from selling more than two bottles of spirits per person per month. This restriction was especially difficult during the pandemic, as local communities rallied to help these small businesses, but could only buy two bottles of spirits per month. Rep. John Bucy III is sponsoring HB 4238, which would remove the two-bottle limit and help craft distillers recover from a difficult year.

Survey Methodology

The survey was conducted April 23-26 among 600 likely 2022 general election voters. It has a margin of error of ±4.00%. Known registered voters were interviewed via interactive voice response dialed to landlines, and voters received invitations to participate in the survey via SMS and email with a secure link tied to their voter record. This survey was weighted to a likely general election universe.